Anonymous asked:"sanageyama uzu and 6 heh"

uuuuUUUUUuuuUUUuhhHHHHHhHHh i tried but he looks kinda funny lmao

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AAAAY i’ve decided to remaster my commission info after so long…

▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅   Kohiu’s commission ▅  ▃ ▂  

◓ Info:

  1. Sketch: $15~$20 per character.
  2. Painted: $40~$50 per character.
  3. Fully Painted: $75~$90 per character.

◓ How to order/contact:

  • email me at
  • OR send me a note at my dA
  • PAYPAL only! 

I’m willing to draw chibis, couples, nsfw, monkey jumping ropes, anything BUT excessive kinks(furry,DID,bondage…). I’ve been drawing since forever so the price is a bit high, please understand

Thank you for your attention!

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The leaks were real: Duck Hunt dog and these others dudes are in Smash Bros. ⊟

Thanks to people copping early copies of the game in Japan and streaming their playthroughs, we now know that the Duck Hunt dog (maybe a.k.a. Mr. Peepers) is in Smash Bros. He even brings back characters from another NES Light Gun game, Wild Gunman, for his moves and final smash.

Other characters not yet formally announced but unlocked so far: Dr. Mario, Mr. Game & Watch, Falco, Wario, Dark Pit, and Ness. Ganondorf is in there, but I didn’t have room to fit him in the gallery.

Thanks to thedmonroeshow, sonicbrawler182, and Joel for the GIFs.

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deebohsum asked:"Hi~! I was wondering if you could draw something yaoi-ish? Like Sarumi? Pls! ありがとう!!!"

ummmmm i never actually draw yaoi but okay this is my take on sarumi yaoi

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