chibimonki asked:"omg~! the bravely default charms are SO CUTE! I entered! XD are you going to sell these online as well? Cuz I would uh...want to BUY THEM ALL! ;_; hahaha ^___^;"
Just wondering, but do you have an online store or anything? Or is it too big of a hassle, since stores like to be fussy?
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Anonymous asked:"you can do it!!!! every adventure has its down times. if you are really panicking take some slow deep breaths and think of your favorite song playing in your head. i believe in you"

thank you anon!!!!!! it was a really long and slow trip home q___q but i finally got back at like 3 something this morning and ate and slept and i feel a lot lot lot better now///;; thinking back on it now the bad times i had couldve been worse and im just glad to be home and comfortable;;; i will learn from this experience and hopefully have a smoother trip next time!!

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yyyyYEA im doing it!!!!!! ;;;;;; winner will get a set of keychains (one tiz, one ringabel, one agnes, one edea; mix&match with any of these 5 jobs)

heres a really crummy photo of a prototype keychain, the final product will be a little different:
how to enter:
-1 reblog/person, likes dont count (no giveaway blogs?!)
-you gotta be okay with sending me your address so i can mail it to you lol
-IN THE TAGS… (this is mandatory to enter) you gotta specify which jobs you want for all 4 characters so ill know which ones to send you

for example, it should look like: #tiz!freelancer/ ringabel!monk/ agnes!whitemage/ edea!blackmage

the contest will end on the 29th, please have your inboxes open!!!

snappedfandomer asked:"may i just say that your art puts a smile on my face and is sooo cute!! i bet the artist drawing them is uber cute too~"
may i just say that your art puts a smile on my face and is adorable! 
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luchiaketchum asked:"hello there~ I just stumbled across your blog while searching for rhythm thief fanarts and I have to say that I love your art! (≧∇≦) your drawings are beautiful and all of your raph doodles make me smile a lot~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Keep up your great work! I wish I'll be able to become as good as you are at drawing someday \(//∇//)\"

thank you very much!!/// my raph doodles are embarassingly lame but im glad to know they make you smile// good luck at your drawings!! neba give up!!! 

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Anonymous asked:"Did u watch missing kings yet?"

not yet..! hopefully itll really come to theaters here but im not 100% sure, if not ill have to wait till its online sobs;; 

Anonymous asked:"Hello! I was wondering, did you ever mess up or were you always this good?"

hello…! im not …really sure what youre talking about? lmao

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