Anonymous asked:"Im gonna cry, your art is so cute! and you also share the same fandoms with me omg (I didn't know there was someone else who liked fea, k and rhythm thief) ヽ(;▽;)ノ"

ahhhh thank you…!! same fandoms…? same fandoms…!!!////

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listin-my-feels asked:"Can you please tell me what you use to draw with or any recommendations/advise you might have?"

i draw with a wacom intuos5 touch tablet and for drawing programs i alternate between using sai (to draw) and photoshop cs6 (for effects/animation) if thats what you mean..!(?)

hmmmrmrm for advise maybe something like…
if you dont like how your lineart turns out after you delete your sketch layer, try turning down sketch layers opacity to very low (10~25%..?) just low enough that you can easily tell the lineart apart from the sketch..?;; (hiding the sketch layer once in a while to see how your lineart is is good too)

and…………… (((well its imo)))) but i find it a lot easier to study/practice anatomy when its on actual pencil/paper instead of on a tablet because it feels a lot easier to control your arm/wrist and it feels a lot looser (if that makes sense..?;;;;)

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snow-p asked:"Just had to let you know how happy I am to have found your blog. This is the first time I have come across Rhythm Thief fanworks and you're just amazing. I'm either dying from the cuteness or laughing... or both."

aaa im glad you like my rhythm thief doodles \o/, its always nice seeing other rhythm thief fans//

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puzzling-turnabout replied to your post:hhhey hey hey if i…. made rhythm thief merch…
WHAT KIND OF MERCH and yes if its in my budget o vo
adios—asshole replied to your post “hhhey hey hey if i…. made rhythm thief merch would;;;; anyone be rly…”

ITS…. STILL A SECRET HAHA;;; if it arrives to me safetly ill post pics and stuff /^q^/ so maybe in a two/three weeks or so…?;; i dont wanna start showing it and stuff till i know its ok;;;;; (((((but it is fragile…!!)))
another previeww

lebruitpensant reblogged your post:hhhey hey hey if i…. made rhythm thief merch…
W-would you be willing to or be able to ship it worldwide? évè

yea!! im just worried that shipping would be (…it probably would be..;;;;) expensive ahhhgh but if you also live in canada it wont be as bad…??;;; but yea as long as the shipping fees are covered ill be ok with sending it worldwide..!;;

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thehomosexuals asked:"i loV HOW YOU DRAW RAPHAEL OMG"

thank you!! his hat still gives me trouble tho

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